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Yogi Reppmann: Moin Moin from Minnesota - mit Lübeck-Bezug

11. Dezember 2008 (Lübeck). Ende November hat Lübeck-TeaTime den ersten Beitrag von Yogi Reppmann gebracht. Nun schreibt er: "Moin Moin from USA - weekly US column for shz (north German daily newspaper chain).
I've never been a jazz aficionado. That changed after I heard Birte Prüfert, a 23-year-old exchange student from Musikhochschule Lübeck.
Through Professor Bernd Ruf's efforts and the support of a Possehl Foundation 3,000-euro stipend, Birte is studying vocals and drums at McNally Smith College of Music in St. Paul, Minnesota. This fine private rock and pop university has chosen a Latin motto: Effectus – Negotium – Technologia - Compositia.

The college was founded 23 years ago by Jack McNally and Doug Smith. Although trained in classical guitar, the two professors wanted to fill a void in contemporary music instruction. The initial class had only 18 students; today, 500 pupils learn everything from composition and songwriting to recording technology and the business of the music industry.

The college's 80-member faculty is actively engaged in all aspects of popular music and has received gold and platinum records, Grammy awards, and acclaim on Broadway and other major performance venues. Their work has resulted in the support and participation of people like the iconic Diana Ross and producer/director Craig Rice of Purple Rain fame.

After taking our seats in the college's large auditorium, Birte Prüfert and the 11-piece McNally Smith Jazz Orchestra took to the stage. In but a few minutes, Birte's wonderful soprano voice had completely mesmerized the audience. Someone seated next to us whispered "We might be listening to the world's next jazz star!" I nodded and smiled, knowing that we were also witnessing another splendid example of German-American friendship.

Yogi Reppmann, 52, Northfield (Minnesota) and Flensburg (Schleswig-Holstein), historian and consultant. He co-founded de.us Inc. International Connections in order to navigate your transatlantic expansion. Since 1992 he lives in Northfield."