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Yogi Reppmann: Moin Moin from Minnesota!

30. November 2008 (Lübeck). Kennen Sie (noch) Yogi Reppmann? Der in Minnesota/USA "lebende" Deutsche mit Achse Flensburg-Lübeck kann es nicht lassen - er hält Kontakt und lässt gelegentlich von sich hören. So wie jetzt: "Dear Friends, Tuesday’s issue, November 25, has a story about Matt Wojick’s love affair with Germany.
Please go to: www.shz.de [Schleswig-Holstein Newspaper chain]
- Click on “Anmelden” upper right corner
- E-Mail-Adresse: yogi@moin-moin.com
- Passwort: ferrari [ delete what pops up]
- Click on “Anmelden”
- Click on “Yes” in the small window
- Click on “ePaper lessen” [light blue script, upper line, left side in the middle]
- Click on “Flensburger Tageblatt” [upper row, 2. from left]
- Click on upper left article
- Click on “Seite 22” [light blue, below the English intro]
- Click on “Vergroessern” [light blue, above page or on the right side English column]

Please, enjoy or just read below - yours, gitta & yogi"

Viel Spaß beim Kontakten!

Moin Moin from Minnesota! Why do we fall in love? It's a simple question that often has no simple answer. Take the case of Matthew Wojick, a Northfield, Minnesota college student. He's in love with Germany, and even his father is at a loss to explain it: "We have no German ancestors and wonder why Matt has been so interested in Germany since his early childhood."

In Matt's case, a high school foreign exchange program was the impetus for his first trip to his beloved Germany. In 2004, Alt Möllner Sören Jessen traveled to Minnesota as an exchange student. He and Matt, who share a love of music, traveling, and soccer, became good friends.

After returning home, Sören invited Matt to visit his family. Matt had the time of his life in Germany, enjoying trips to Lübeck, Potsdam, and Berlin, as well as the highlight of his trip, a soccer game at AOL Arena between Hamburger SV and Wolfsburg.

Although noting similarities between Schleswig-Holstein and Minnesota, Matt was struck by the huge difference in the educational systems. "From kindergarten to a PhD degree, every single step is different in Germany. I really enjoyed the Mölln Gymnasium and think it was more intellectually challenging than my high school."

Matt now attnds St. Olaf College, a private, pricey (over $40,000 a year for room, board, and tuition) liberal arts college in Northfield, Minnesota. While driving around Northfield in his gearshift German Jetta, Matt's thoughts often return to the friendly Schleswig-Holsteiners he met and his fondness for Flensburg beer, Lübeck marzipan, and currywurst. Matt tells me he wants to return to Germany as soon as possible, and to that end, he plans to be an exchange student at Flensburg University through St. Olaf College's German department. "It may sound strange to some, but I guess I love it more in Germany than here at home." On hearing this, my German-born wife Gitta smiled knowingly and remarked: "I'm the same, just vice versa."

Yogi Reppmann, Northfield, MN and Flensburg, historian and consultant. He co-founded de.us, Inc. International Connections in order to navigate your transatlantic expansion.